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Andrewsfield (also known as Andrews Field and Great Saling)

Andrewsfield is my home airfield. I can highly recommend it to anybody wanting to learn to fly, hire well-maintained club aircraft or base their own aircraft. It's also a perfect place to fly to for lunch.

The current airfield is situated on the western end of the WWII Great Saling airfield (later Andrews Field), home to USAAF B-26 Marauders, RAF P-51s and Meteors amongst other types (the clubhouse has a B-26 painting signed by many former USAAF veterens who made a return visit in the early 1990s, as well as a good selection of old photographs). The old main east-west runway ran along the alignment of the current runways; indeed the access road running east-west to the north of the current runways may be part of the original runway. The two T2 hangars remain, as do a small portion of the original NW-SE runway and a section of the perimeter track to the south. A memorial is situated just off the road to the south east of the airfield.

Runway 27R
On approach to runway 27R, 23 August 2008. © Nick Challoner.

Runway 27R
Short final for runway 27R, 23 August 2008. © Nick Challoner.

The memorial, 23 August 2008. © Nick Challoner.

Memorial plaque
The plaque on the memorial, 23 August 2008. © Nick Challoner.

Type T2 hangar
Type T2 hangar situated on the north-east edge of the original airfield, photographed from final approach to runway 27, 13 September 2008. © Nick Challoner.

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