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London Heathrow Airport

Radar tower
The radar tower, 4 April 1998. © Nick Challoner.

cargo building
The big cargo building on the southside, west of T4, 4 April 1998. © Nick Challoner.

British Midland Hangar
This is the British Midland maintenance hangar located on the eastern side of the airfield adjacent to the eastern perimeter road (visible in the foreground, closed to the public in 2007), between the thresholds of 27R and 27L. 4 April 1998. © Nick Challoner.

British Airways Maintenance Hangar
One of the British Airways hangars on the eastern side. It's basically on the opposite side of the road to the Midland hangar pictured above. The red and white fence in the foreground is a movable barrier to close the road whilst aircraft are tugged over. This road was closed to the public during 2007. 4 April 1998. © Nick Challoner.

ATC Tower
The 1950s control tower in the central area, superseded in 2007 by the new control tower near T5. 4 April 1998. © Nick Challoner.

Terminal 2
Shot of Terminal 2 looking east from car park 2. The Queen's Building is in view in the background and some of the ancillary buildings near the 1950s control tower are visible on the left. 4 April 1998. © Nick Challoner.

Home > Aviation > British Airfields

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