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RAF Cottesmore Community Day Photocall

6 June 1997

The annual Community Day at RAF Cottesmore was always to be looked forward to because of the interesting visitors it attracted, especially from the German and Italian Air Forces. Those two Air Forces, along with the RAF, made up the three services that created the Tri-National Tornado Training Establishment based at RAF Cottesmore until spring 1999.

A photocall was arranged for us enthusiasts on the arrivals day. I must say it was superbly organised and CPL Waldron and his team did as much as possible to make our visit a pleasure - they even asked the crew of each aircraft to pause on the taxiways in front of us and operate canopies, refuelling probes etc.! Many thanks to them all!

Below is a selection of my shots taken at the photocall. These images are "thumbnail" images. Click on those of interest to see them full size (approximately 800 x 520 pixels/30kB), complete with description.

F-104ASA Starfighters

F-104ASA Starfighter

F-104ASA Starfighter

Luftwaffe F-4F

Luftwaffe Tornado IDS

Luftwaffe Tornado ECR

RAF E-3D Sentry AEW1

RAF TriStar KC1

RAF Chinook HC2

RAF Chinook HC2

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