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General Dynamics F-111F Aadvark

27th Fighter Wing, United States Air Force

Type General Dynamics F-111F Aadvark
Operator 27th Fighter Wing, United States Air Force
Identity 70-2419/CC
Location RAF Fairford, United Kingdom
Date 20 June 1995
Notes This F-111F was part of a deployment in June 1995. The crew reported suspected brake problems so decided to deploy the emergency arrester hook in case they couldn't stop before the end of the runway. After touchdown the hook dragged along the runway surface producing a shower of sparks, but as far as we could tell it easily stopped before reaching the end of the runway. Although this aircraft was based at Cannon AFB, New Mexico, UK enthusiasts were very familiar with the aircraft as it was previously based with the 48 FW at RAF Lakenheath for many years.

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