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The Royal International Air Tattoo Departures Day - Monday 22nd July 1996

Sukhoi Su-27A "Flanker" of 62/83 IAP, Ukrainian Air Force

[Ukrainian AF Su-27]

I think this was the first visit of Ukrainian Su-27s to the UK. As with all Su-27 displays I've seen the Ukrainian one was excellent. The aircraft carries a code of 48 and is c/n 36911014411. Lots of stickers have been applied to the nose. Note the deflector behind the nosewheel which helps protect against foreign object ingestion by the engines; the intakes of which are above and behind the nosewheel. As with many former Soviet Union fighters these aircraft are designed to operate from rough airstrips in time of war.

Home > Aviation > RIAT 1996 Departures Day

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