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Toyota MR2 Mark 1 Clear Sidelight/Indicator Lenses


This modification is for UK spec cars with orange indicators and clear sidelight clusters in the front bumper. It might be useful for other country spec cars too. The modification is very easy to do, and to most people improves the look of the front of the car as it removes the unsightly orange indicator lenses in the front bumper. The method and parts are the same for both early and later Mk1s (the bumpers differ slightly between these models, but the sidelight/indicator assemblies are identical).

Parts and Tools

You need to order the following clear lenses from a Toyota dealer:

81511-03011 and 81521-03011

These parts are actually the front lenses for a Japanese spec Toyota Camry! Tell the dealer this or they may get confused. The dealer can get them for you, so ask to speak to the manager etc if they say they can't. There's usually a wait of a week or two while they are imported from Japan or wherever. You also need to buy two standard orange indicator bulbs from a car parts shop. Obviously this is because you will now be using clear lenses, so the bulbs themselves need to be orange to maintain the orange colour that indicators should be.

The only tools you will need are a cross-head screwdriver, and a file or pair of pliers.


Remove the existing front lenses by removing the two screws holding the lenses in place and pulling the lenses clear. Remove the existing clear indicator bulbs. Have a look at the metal base of the clear and orange indicator bulbs. You will notice that the two locating pins are directly opposite one another on the clear bulb, but offset on the orange bulb. This is an industry standard to prevent inadvertently fitting the wrong colour bulb. Because of the lens change you now want to fit an orange bulb into a clear bulb holder. To do so you will need to remove one of the locating pins on the orange bulbs. This is easy to do with a file or pair of pliers. The one remaining pin is adequate to hold the bulb in place (I've not had any problems with the bulbs coming loose). Fit the orange bulbs then attach the new lenses using the screws from the old lenses, making sure that the two lenses that make up each new lens line up with the indicator and sidelight bulbholders correctly. Now test the operation of the lights and that's it!

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