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RNAS Yeovilton Airshow Photo Evening - Friday 12th July 1996

The chaps at Yeovilton really understand aviation enthusiasts - they open the gates on the Friday before the airshow to allow ticket holders onto the airfield to photograph the arrivals. There is also a ticket-only photo evening allowing access to the static park and flightlines without having to contend with the masses present on the airshow day itself.

This year's show was enhanced greatly by a strong US Navy presence from the USS John F. Kennedy. Earlier in the week it had been reported that little or no visitors were to be expected, but fog in the vicinity of the carrier on the Thursday morning had caused the aircraft present at the show to divert to Yeovilton. Thankfully they were persuaded to stay.

Below is a selection of my shots taken at the photo evening. These are "thumbnail" images. Click on those of interest to see them full size (approximately 450 x 300 pixels/22kB), complete with description.

[VF-14/USN F-14A]
VF-14/USN F-14A
[VF-41/USN F-14A]
VF-41/USN F-14A
[VAW-124/USN E-2C]
VAW-124/USN E-2C
[VFA-15/USN F/A-18C]
VFA-15/USN F/A-18C
[VFA-15/USN F/A-18C]
VFA-15/USN F/A-18C
[VS-24/USN S-3B]
VS-24/USN S-3B
[potuguese Navy Lynx]
Portugueses Navy Lynx
[815 sqn/RN Lynx HAS3S]
815 sqn/RN Lynx HAS3S
[Antarctic Survey Twin Otter]
Antarctic Survey Twin Otter
[801 sqn/RN Sea Harrier F/A2]
801 sqn/RN Sea Harrier F/A2
[800 sqn/RN Sea Harrier F/A2]
800 sqn/RN Sea Harrier F/A2
[899 sqn/RN Harrier T8]
899 sqn/RN Harrier T8

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