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Lamella Aircraft Storage Shed

The Lamella aircraft storage shed was developed in Germany in the 1920s, where the name Lamellendach was used (meaning segmented roof). Horseley Bridge and Engineering Company Ltd acquired the rights for the British market in 1929 and marketed them using the name Lamella. Being a storage shed, they were mostly built at aircraft storage units.

Like the Type E and L sheds, Lamella hangars are arched from ground level, helping to camouflage them, especially when covered in earth. They were built of steel lattice arches to which asbestos or steel roof plates were attached. The steel roof plates were covered in a 2in layer of concrete and a 9in layer of earth and turf. The walls at either end were constructed of 1ft thick reinforced concrete, with two sliding steel doors. Typical dimensions are a length of 300ft, a span of 167ft, a height of 35ft and a clear door opening of 40ft.

Remaining examples can be seen at Aldergrove, Brize Norton, Kemble, and Ternhill.


Repurposed Lamella aircraft storage shed, Brize Norton.
Repurposed Lamella hangar at Brize Norton. 19 April 2018. © Nick Challoner.

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