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RAF Wainfleet Bombing Competition 1999

Stop Press!

Photos and movies from the 2001 event are now available!

1999 Bombing Competition

RAF Wainfleet range held a bombing competition in aid of Comic Relief on 11th and 12th March 1999. Below are some shots from the 11th March that we experimentally took using a digital camera and uploaded to this page during the course of the day. After some swearing, we got the laptop to connect properly via a mobile phone, and then all went smoothly.

Time: 1436z

FLASH and SPLASH!!! Blackcat 4, a 54 Squadron Jaguar, lays one down on the inshore target array.


Another 54 Squadron Jag, this time Blackcat 2 runs in for the inshore target array:

Blackcat 2

Time: 1231z

Right, some aircraft for you! Firstly Zircon 2, a 17 Squadron Tornado GR1 attacking target 4, a ship which is the Wicked Wizard of the West's HQ (if you haven't guessed, the Wicked Wizard was the "enemy").

Zircon 2

Here's Zircon 2 again, running in to attack the inshore target array:

Zircon 2

3 and 4 Squadrons have both seen action this morning, here is one of the 3 Squadron aircraft, callsign Rafair 600B:

Rafair 600B

Time: 1109z

Well, we're here! Just to prove it here's a shot of a range observation hut:

The hut!

And here's one of me on look-out duties! The red balloon on one of the many aerials is because this event is being held in aid of comic relief, a jolly good show.


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